Pocket Whiskey & Purse Food: A Night Out with Nacho Business


I scheduled an interview with Nacho Business (Candice Adams, Heather Crocker and Alec Roberts) to talk about their newest 7” EP not knowing what questions to ask or where to even start.   Nacho Business has been around for a few years and they like to talk about themselves with the usual self-deprecating humor that you can find at their shows.  They’re funny, but mostly at their own expense.  We’ve done this interview once before, a year ago, but the notes are long lost and we’re starting from scratch.  Minutes before we’re to meet there’s a bit of confusion over when and where the interview will take place and I eventually find Alec in a local downtown bar, watching basketball.  We talk about his car, his job – and after almost 10 minutes – the angry bartender finally asks if I want a drink.  She’s either drunk or just doesn’t care to make eye contact.  We spot Heather through the window, but she’s motioning that she needs to finish her coffee. She ends up coming in, coffee cup in hand.  The bartender is not happy with us and can’t appreciate Heather’s commentary on the comings and goings of the bar.  Soon, Candice arrives and we move to a table in the back.  We order food and Candice pulls out a warm quesadilla she was storing in her purse.


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