We Will Raise Your Child

Knock Knock - We Will Raise Your Child

The story is this:

Side 1: Wild and blue is just a banger that introduces us as a band that makes hits, after that, a child is stolen and raised (We Will Raise). The child sings himself to sleep where upon his hair grows long and be becomes a rocker (When I Was a Child). Then, this guy named Mike fights the mysteries of the multi-verse. Finally, a baptism takes place in a creep river where the world won’t end and the parents (Who Stole Him) reflect upon when they were young and were rockers too. Thus ends side 1.

Side 2: Heaven sent is just a banger that shows we are a band who is here to make hits. The kid realizes that his parents are creeps and is chased by dogs after he is kicked out of his home and must make his way as an adolescent who just has to sing and dance. He is, after all, a rocker. He is adopted again and falls in lover with is stepsister. He joins a band called Knock Knock, which is not to be fucked with. Time passes. Finally, as an adult, he meets his stepsister at a bar where upon they reflect on their upbringing, decide to give the romance another go, so they end up doin’ it. Thus, the circle of life continues.

Knock Knock Welcomes New Member Dylan Barnes

Knock Knock at Toho

Knock Knock debuted new member Dylan Barnes at the Town House last night for the English Singles release party.  Dylan will be joining the group on keys.

WATCH: Knock Knock Lock the Door but Leave the Lights On

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Sacramento Records Listening Party- February 18, 2012

Sac Records Listening Party 6

Sacramento Records and Phono Select hosted a fabulous record listening party this past Saturday night. There was food and friends and plenty of records to listen to.

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Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Never has there been a band more loving, caring and devoted to each other than Knock Knock. From their tumultuous beginnings to their current, close-knit existence, the band redefines what it means to stay together.

Stirred from the ashes of Sacramento darlings Slumber Party, with Allen Campos on guitar, Allen Maxwell on bass and Nicola Miller on drums, they began their family together in 1999. Soon after, they welcomed Heather Conway to into the fold. Her rhythm guitar styling made the family complete.

Tragically, Knock Knock lost one of its founding members, Allen. One day, when the family was fixing their electric fence, he ended up on the outside, and never found his way back in. Grief stricken, the band struggled to keep the family together until Mike R Mike found his way to their compound. With some coxing, chanting and a bit of brainwashing, they convinced Mike that Knock Knock is where he belonged. They were right.

The band worked together, played together, had children together and built additions to their compound together until they fell under tragic times again with the disappearance of Nicola. The lack of her presence nearly brought the family down. It was only through the discovery of their deep love for Christine Shelley that they were able to overcome their insufferable pain.

Christine made her way to Knock Knock purely by accident. She was selling chocolate bars door-to-door to earn enough money to join her school band on a trip to Disneyland when she landed on the porch of the Knock Knock compound. Blinded by grief, Heather mistakenly thought Christine was their wayward drummer, returned to their ever-loving arms. Once the family discovered that it was not Nicola, they decided it was too late to turn back and Christine became the newest member of the family. The police are still looking for a certain high school band geek, last seen with a box of chocolates.