Halloween Show: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters closed out the night.  The band was comprised of Matthew Maxwell, Jay Baker, Alec Roberts, Amanda Cook, Gabe Nokes, Dylan Barnes, and Mike R Mike.  With special appearances by Karlos Ayala, Joel Goulet, Madeline Maxwell Sabatoni and Natalie Head.

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Halloween Show: The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Hobbit was Joel Goulet, Noel Von Joo, Daven Hayes, Cody Scott, Allen Maxwell and Natalie Head.

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Halloween Show: the Bodyguard


The Bodyguard was Jessica Brown, Karlos Ayala, Dylan Barnes, Vince Andreoni, Malena McFarland, Serene Lusano, Alec Roberts

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Halloween Show: Velvet Goldmine


Velvet Goldmine was: Gabe Nokes, Amanda Cook, Whitney Kessel, Scott De Medeiros and Andy Tate.

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Halloween Show: HELP!


HELP was James Williams, Scott Miller, Chris Sabatoni (Gabba),  Dylan Barnes and Matt K. Shrugg.

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Halloween Show: Caddyshack

DP and Caroline

Caddyshack was David K. Aslanian Paul, Caroline Hostetler, Kelly Ockinga and JJ Hewitt.

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Halloween Show: the Wizard of Oz

Pink Wiz Vince

The Wizard of Oz was Allen Maxwell, Matthew Maxwell, Karlos Ayala, Vince Andreoni, Malena McFarland, Jessica Brown and Alec Roberts

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Halloween Show: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Full

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly was Dillon Lennebacker, Jill Samish, Amber Era-McGarvey, Dylan Barnes, Becky Grunewald, Scott Miller, and Mike R Mike.

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Halloween Show: Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Fast Times was Andy Tate, Keith, James Willig, Armando Rivera and Scott De Medeiros.

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Halloween Show: A Hard Day’s Night

Hard Days Night

A Hard Day’s Night was the annual Shelly Family Band.  They are: Christine Shelly, Patrick Shelly, Nick  and Terri Shelly and Charles Albright.

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