The Megacools

Weird Dreams Are Crazy

MCR-003 | 7" EP

“If only Roky Erikson were alive, instead of trapped in the River Styx of the Austin City Limits? I know, he’s alive but anyways, the guitar cables on this plump pumping 7″ are built of the same tensile overdrive of those old Elevators. Hell on the B-side, I kept hallucinating electric jug runs. The title track has the mighty Charles Albright, friendly firebrand o’ Sacramento (upper case or lower case) rock, chipping ice splinters and sharing vocals with drummer Christine Shelley and maybe bassist Ryan Sharpe too. The B-side, starts with Sharpe’s simple yet effective driving descending bass lines, and the vocals sound like Flowers and Powers are confounded. Something about “You Don’t Send Me No POWERS” kind of gave it an extra, drunk ear charge to me. On both tracks, lyrics are kept minimally simple but shouted to maximal mantra repetition. Implanting anthem style. At the end of side B, Albright’s guitar is bristling for more, the record just does not want to end.” – Thurston Hunger KFJC 89.7 FM


Christine Shelley (Knock Knock), Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, Rock the Light, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the Knightmares, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright)