Rock the Light

The Summer We All Got Laid

RTL-002 | CD

“Then again, combining one’s influences can sometimes generate surprising results. The joint shoulders of Sonic Youth and AC/DC support Rock the Light, and all I can say about the band’s new seven-track CD, The Summer We All Got Laid, is thank you. This is an album that reminds the listener of what rock music can be: straightforward, full-blast and simply timeless. The notes I took while listening to the disc are blurry, but they seem to say, “This is the fucking rock band!” Simply put, this music rules. Grade: A.”  – Cristian Kiefer, Sacramento News & Review


Allen Maxwell (Knock Knock), Dillon L. (Personal & the Pizzas), David Aslanian (the Big D), Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, the MegaCools, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the Knightmares, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright)