Rock The Light

Let's Do Something That We'll Both Regret

SAC-005 | CD

Rock The Light’s previous release available only on CD. Nearly out of print, so get your hands on a copy of this while they last.

Longhair rock played by a buncha shorthairs. There’s something to be said about a band that is not only unashamed about playing bona fide cock rock; they fly the flag proudly. Tunes on both discs are quite catchy and funny, with Summer… sounding the more “slick” of the two. –Jimmy Alvarado Razorcake


Holy shit! These guys actually shred! A lot! Rock the Light is about as sincere and unpretentious as cock rock gets. These dudes lay down some serious shreds and top it off with song titles such as “Hesher in a Half Shirt” and “Hotbox the Car.” -Wendy Stonehenge Archer’s Guild

On this album, the members were:

  • Bass – Zack Olson
  • Drums – Charles Albright
  • Guitar – David Aslanain
  • Vocals – Allen Maxwell
Recorded by Chris Woodhouse in 2002