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Halloween Show: Fast Times at Ridgemont High


Fast Times was Andy Tate, Keith, James Willig, Armando Rivera and Scott De Medeiros.

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Halloween Show: A Hard Day’s Night

Hard Days Night

A Hard Day’s Night was the annual Shelly Family Band.  They are: Christine Shelly, Patrick Shelly, Nick  and Terri Shelly and Charles Albright.

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Halloween Show: 24 Hour Party People


24 Hour Party People are: Jay Baker, Allen Maxwell, Amber Era-McGarvey, Dillon Lenninbacker, Ed Carroll and David K. Aslanian.

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Halloween Show: Karate Kid

Karate Kid

Karate Kid is Alec Roberts, Armando Rivera, Candice Adams and Andy Tate

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Halloween Show: Valley Girl

Valley GirlFULL

Valley Girl was Liz Liles, Liz Mahoney, Andrew Henderson and Christopher Orr.

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Halloween Show: Rushmore


Rushmore opened the 2012 Halloween show.  The band is comprised of Charles Albright, Amanda Cook, Niki Levy and Leon Levy.

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Halloween Show 2012: Soundtracks

3 Captains


Hello Halloween Show enthusiasts,

I think I was 19 years old when my brother first invited me to a party. It was possibly the single most exciting thing that had ever happened to me.  I drove from Yuba City to Sacramento… my heart pounding with excitement.  I was FINALLY going to party with AL!  I’ve always expected this man to be a party ANIMAL!  His old room was nothing but Van Halen tapes and a Hellraiser poster!  But when I got to the party… Al was no where to be seen.

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Lunch with Charles Albright Band


What’s on the minds of Charles Albright, Chris Sabatoni (Gabba) and Hans White?  Snippets from their post-practice La Fiesta lunchtime conversation:

on being loud:

CA:  It’s supposed to sound loud, but there’s bands that are so loud your ears can’t hear anything.  You just shut down.

CS: Yeah you get fatigue from listening to it.  Maybe you get that on the album, but that’s the point.  When we’re bringing you to the show I don’t think we’re gonna try to kill you.

What level does CAB want to be?

CA: as loud as a television set.

CS:  I think we worry more about being annoying and hammer riffs into your head rather than blast out your ears.  We’re trying to get stuck in your head.  We’re trying to destroy your mind.

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Knock Knock Welcomes New Member Dylan Barnes

Knock Knock at Toho

Knock Knock debuted new member Dylan Barnes at the Town House last night for the English Singles release party.  Dylan will be joining the group on keys.

WATCH: Knock Knock Lock the Door but Leave the Lights On

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Sacramento Records Listening Party- February 18, 2012

Sac Records Listening Party 6

Sacramento Records and Phono Select hosted a fabulous record listening party this past Saturday night. There was food and friends and plenty of records to listen to.

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