Pocket Whiskey & Purse Food: A Night Out with Nacho Business


I scheduled an interview with Nacho Business (Candice Adams, Heather Crocker and Alec Roberts) to talk about their newest 7” EP not knowing what questions to ask or where to even start.   Nacho Business has been around for a few years and they like to talk about themselves with the usual self-deprecating humor that you can find at their shows.  They’re funny, but mostly at their own expense.  We’ve done this interview once before, a year ago, but the notes are long lost and we’re starting from scratch.  Minutes before we’re to meet there’s a bit of confusion over when and where the interview will take place and I eventually find Alec in a local downtown bar, watching basketball.  We talk about his car, his job – and after almost 10 minutes – the angry bartender finally asks if I want a drink.  She’s either drunk or just doesn’t care to make eye contact.  We spot Heather through the window, but she’s motioning that she needs to finish her coffee. She ends up coming in, coffee cup in hand.  The bartender is not happy with us and can’t appreciate Heather’s commentary on the comings and goings of the bar.  Soon, Candice arrives and we move to a table in the back.  We order food and Candice pulls out a warm quesadilla she was storing in her purse.


Do you think your songs have a theme?

AR: Yeah, no one likes us.

CA: It’s true.

HC: Boys, girls, bosses, animals

What of your previous bands would you want to resurrect?

AR: Amanda wants the Knightmares to reunite and of course we want to, but we just can’t.

Heather, what’s the difference between being in Nacho Business and being in the Croissants?

AR: Hold on – I didn’t know you’re in another band!  I guess it hasn’t made much of a difference, so carry on.

HC: I feel like this is my band – I have written a song – but I’m a drummer in the Croissants; they could replace me any minute!

Who writes the songs?  What’s your process?

CA: I write a good chunk of the lyrics

AR: Candice is the brains, Heather is the titties.  I’m the bones inside of the titties. (This response is sung)

Candice and Heather, you both do art.  What do you love more – music or art?

HC: I think they’re different beasts.

CA: I like art better, but playing music is more fulfilling – I have a following for my music; no one really sees my art.

At this point, Alec gets up to use the restroom, but takes Candice’s glass with him so he can fill it with the whiskey he’s got in the flask in his pocket.  Heather realizes what’s happening and discloses that her coffee was actually beer.  Alec reappears, full glass in hand and they begin to tell me about a recent bet: Alec bet 50 cents (half the Red Box rental) that they wouldn’t laugh more than twice at the movie That’s My Boy.  He lost.

Who are your influences?

AR: I try to think about what would make Heather and Candice look good.  I’m Vidal Sassooning it.  I’m George Zimmerman from the Men’s Warehouse.  If you don’t look good, I don’t look good.  I have no influences for the band.  It’s completely spontaneous.  My influences for this band are in this order: myself, Candice, Heather.  My favorite drummers are heavy hitters, which I don’t do in this band.

CA: He’s the heaviest drummer for the quietest band.

What is your favorite show you’ve played so far?

CA: We played with Rose Melberg in Davis.  I don’t mind opening for Rose Melberg.  That’s the best I can ever ask for.

AR: I liked the Lake Show!

HC: Those were at the same house!

What is your favorite place to play in Sacramento?

AR: Where have we gotten paid the most?

HC: Sacramento City College!

AR: Sacramento City College is our favorite place to play.

Are you shopping for a new label?

HC: Charles has been buying Ferarris off our money for years!

AR: I’m glad that Charles exists.  More dumb fucks should flush their money away like Charles.

Now that the night is really moving along, Alec doesn’t even bother with discretion and pours the whiskey straight from the flask at the table.  They launch into telling stories of the craziest things they’ve ever done, each trying to top each other.  None of the stories are on record and none should probably be printed.  They turn to me, convinced there is a story I’m hiding because they think they saw an eye twitch.  I disappoint, lacking in any worthy tale.  Alec claims to respect my abilities at self-restraint.  They don’t give up but, unfortunately, I have no stories to tell (honestly, it’s been a rather dull life).

If this were a legitimate interview, would you do this?  Would you hold back?

AR: No, I’m too stupid.

HC: I’m way too dumb.

CA: I’d at least try to keep it together… unless someone brings pocket whiskey.

The band is headed out to karaoke, but I have to go home and get to bed.  They try to convince me otherwise, but I figure they’re better off racking up great stories without me there.  The bartender, who clearly hates our table, hasn’t come to collect the check.  There’s a lot of discussion about skipping out on the bill.  Just as they’re getting up the nerve, she comes to collect the pile of cash.

I ask if they have any last thoughts:

HC: Give us a chance.

AR:  Give us another chance.


  • Laura June 13, 2013

    Super interview! I really enjoyed reading it. They make me laugh in print and in person. :)

  • Amanda June 22, 2013

    What do you mean ‘can’t’ ?

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