Matt K Goes Bananas

Wanna know what’s in the head of Matt K?  He was kind enough to answer our questions… his flexi “Matt K Goes Bananas” is out now.  Get yours at Scott Soriano’s Record Night or Time Tested Books.
1. How do you describe your drumming style?
Ringo Moon.
2. Do you think your style carries over into everything you do or does it change, depending on who you play with?
I guess my “style” gets twisted a bit depending on who i’m playing with, but there’s always gonna be some genuine spastic shit going on whatever’s being played, especially in the gin doctors, a band where we play only gin blossoms and spin doctors songs.  it’s the worst band i’ve ever been in.
3. Who are your influences?
The Beatles,  teenagers who made pre-punk in garages in the mid-60′s who are now in their mid-60′s, punk rock, loud shit…
4. How long have you been drumming?
Started when i was 12, taught myself after my mom bought me a drum kit at a garage sale en route to the winchester mystery house (no shit).  started playing with the lizards at 13 and the shruggs at 14 and the gin doctors at 31.

5. What other instruments do you play?
Other than clapping, i play the drums, guitar, bass and “avant garde” saxophone (“avant garde” meaning “shitty”).
6. Do you prefer drumming to playing something else?
Drumming’s great for letting out aggression and pissing off people who hate loud, filly drums.  sometimes it gets frustrating though, like when the other gin doctors are really letting their groove thang loose and i’m in the back on an uncomfortable stool, wearing those round john lennon sunglasses.
7. You do a lot of art, as well as music - what would you say your passion is?
I’d say art.   The music thing kinda happened accidentally. as did that fonzie scheme i pulled off in ’98.
8. You used to do some of the coolest flyers and gig posters in Sacramento, but I don’t see them anymore. Do you still make them? Do you feel like flyering is dead now that most promotion is just through social media?
I mostly do commissions and promotional stuff for swell productions these days, but i do feel the whole social media shitstorm has kinda made the need for a poster obsolete in a way.  there was something special (and dumb) about making a poster, going to kinko’s to make copies and then hitting the usual spots around town and putting them up.  Posters are like album art and ones posted online are like cd covers if you get my drift.
9. You’re kind of a “one man band” – are you going to assemble a band to play shows?
 I want to assemble a band at some point to play a show or two (john popper you listening?), but at the same time, i kinda like the mystery behind a one man band who only puts out records.
10.  Is recording everything yourself challenging?  Does it make you want to use special “studio tricks” more often? 
 It’s challenging when i’m blindfolded.  Actually, if you know or attempt to know what you’re doing, it’s quite fun, you get sucked into the moment. I’m no butch vig (who would wanna be?), but i like the process.  I don’t try to use too many “studio tricks”, though i do employ “studio tricks”  to use me if you know what i mean…
11. What other bands have you been in?
 Some have been the lizards, the shruggs, groovie ghoulies, zodiac killers, sunshine smile, th’ losin streaks, the pizzas, black dahlias… then i heard limp bizkit’s first record,  which resulted in me being in numbskullz, wize up, telemarketerrorz, bony jenkins mob, kulture klub (named before we knew of “culture club”), insane crown posse (we wore some crazy crowns!), krazy krownz, kar krash, etc.
12. What is your favorite place to play in Sac?
Old ironsides ’cause the beer’s free!