Lunch with Charles Albright Band


What’s on the minds of Charles Albright, Chris Sabatoni (Gabba) and Hans White?  Snippets from their post-practice La Fiesta lunchtime conversation:

on being loud:

CA:  It’s supposed to sound loud, but there’s bands that are so loud your ears can’t hear anything.  You just shut down.

CS: Yeah you get fatigue from listening to it.  Maybe you get that on the album, but that’s the point.  When we’re bringing you to the show I don’t think we’re gonna try to kill you.

What level does CAB want to be?

CA: as loud as a television set.

CS:  I think we worry more about being annoying and hammer riffs into your head rather than blast out your ears.  We’re trying to get stuck in your head.  We’re trying to destroy your mind.

on describing CAB:

CA: half the croissants.  I’m surprised you guys aren’t playing the French Film Festival this year.


on the best band girlfriend:

CA: I think it’s a tie between Christine and Danielle.  I think it’s Christine, but Hans thinks it’s Danielle.

CS: I think it’s Patrick’s girlfriend.  He’s living the life.


on Patrick:

CA: we could talk about how Patrick’s a ladies man, how Patrick gets a lot of play.

CS: I feel like he just makes out with a ton of chicks too.

CA: he’s not a sleazy hook-up guy

CS: no, he’s not.  But you could have a passionate night with Patrick without degrading yourself.


on enemies:

CA: anyone with the last name Maxwell, Dylan Barnes, Amanda Cook

CS: Candice Philips

CA: Candice Adams.  Anyone who’s nice.


on favorite bands to play with:

CA: RAD, the Croissants

CS: Buk Buk

HW: yeah, Buk Buk


on favorite show so far:

CA: house show in Stockton

HW: yeah, that was the best



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