Halloween Show: the Wizard of Oz

Pink Wiz Vince

The Wizard of Oz was Allen Maxwell, Matthew Maxwell, Karlos Ayala, Vince Andreoni, Malena McFarland, Jessica Brown and Alec Roberts

1. Why did you choose the Wizard of Oz?

Allen Maxwell: One night, at U st., we suddenly made a pact to do the Wizard of Oz as Pink Floyd, but we swore secrecy about the Pink Floyd part. We were just going to let people know about the Wizard of Oz part, and let the minds be blown as the secret was finally revealed. We also swore that if anyone told the secret they were out of the band. We then watched Wizard of Oz and synced it up with Dark Side of the moon and were amazed to see that the music fits perfectly as a soundtrack. It’s uncanny.

Matthew Maxwell: I think Pink Floyd is in the back of everyone’s mind at all times when you are at the Gentleman’s Club. We were all sitting around talking about the Halloween Show and Karlos was complaining about the theme. At some point he said, “we should just do Wizard of Oz but play Dark Side of the Moon. Who’s in?” He put his hand out until we all had one hand in.  Then we all hugged each other and Vince did a handstand. We were all very impressed.

Karlos Ayala: To be honest, I came up with the idea after a long night of complaining to a small gathering of people at the Ust Gentleman’s Club – all those people went on to be in Pink Wiz. In order to contain the secrecy of the project we needed to include everyone there; this made it so if the secret got out it, there would be a very short list of people to weed through in order to figure out who we would need to punish. I thought the theme was terrible. I thought it was lazy and lacked any potential for a real show-stopper; it seemed to me that there would not be a single act that people would remember and be excited about. A way to challenge the theme was to be subversive, and what better way than to kind of follow the rules, but not really and not at all? And from this, Pink Wiz (a name which I hate) was birthed.

Alec Roberts: The way I remember it, Karlos said it sort of off-handedly and the entire room exploded in enthusiasm. A pact was made.

Vince Andreoni: Pretty sure Karlos brought up the idea.  I just went with the flow.

Malena McFarland (McM): I guess Karlos was the instigator for this one.

2. Describe the Halloween show in 3 words

AM: Not Kansas Anymore

MM: Christmas Hangover Cure

KA: no

AR: Pink Wiz: Legends

VA:  Very long evening

3. What’s your favorite song from the “soundtrack”?

AM: Us and Them or Great Gig in the Sky. Great Gig is so ridiculous. I loved that we did that one.

MM: Breathe… because we were so excited for everyone to realize what was actually happening.

KA: Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

AR: Money. I’m not kidding.

VA: Us and Them.  Wish we could have played that one a bit longer.

McM: Us and Them

4. Was there a song you wished you could have played but you didn’t?

AM: Oh yes. Eclipse. I’m really sad we didn’t make it to the triumphant ending of Dark Side of the moon.

MM: I wish we could have played all of Dark Side of the Moon.

KA: I think we kinda played all the songs we wanted to. I kinda wish we would’ve played “Us and Them” a little longer, but I think it was a pretty perfect set.

AR: I kind of wish we would have had the gall to play the entire album front to back. It would have been rude and thoughtless to the other bands, but MOST people PROBABLY would have forgiven us.

VA: Finishing with “Eclipse” would have been pretty spectacular.

McM: Nah.

5. What other Halloween show band would you have loved to be in?

AM: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

MM:    Too hard.

KA: I wanted SO badly to do Maximum Overdrive or Detriot Rock City. I’ve always wanted to do AC/DC and Kiss.

AR: I love Halloween bands.

VA: I’ve always wanted to play “American Girl” by Tom Petty, so I guess

Fast Times would have been fun.

6. What other soundtrack that didn’t get picked would you have wanted to do?

AM: The Lost Boys or Revenge of the Nerds. Willy Busfield totally should have done Revenge of the Nerds.

MM: La Bamba or Batman. The Tim Burton Batman.  It would have been Joker on drums, Batman on bass, Bob on guitar and Prince as the lead singer.

KA: I just answered that.

AR: Purple Rain. I’m still bitter.

VA: I wasn’t crazy about the theme, and was having a hell of a time thinking of anything I’d want to do, so nothing.  Purple Rain would have been fun to try, but also seems pretty impossible to pull off.

7. How did you all come together for this band?

AM: Late night at U st and secret pact. See question #1.

MM: We were all sitting around talking about the Halloween Show and Karlos was complaining about the theme. At some point he said, “we should just do Wizard of Oz but play Dark Side of the Moon. Who’s in?” He put his hand out until we all had one hand in.  Then we all hugged each other and Vince started fire breathing. It was a weird night.

KA: The answer can be found in number one.

AR: Why were we hanging out? I’m pretty sure it was after Bodyguard practice. My favorite part of the Halloween show is the excuse to hang out with friends I don’t see as often as I’d like.

VA: It was after Bodyguard practice and we were all sitting around, staring at each other.  Karlos wouldn’t stop talking, and eventually came up with the great idea of telling people we were doing Wizard of Oz, but then blow their minds by playing Dark Side.  Everyone liked the idea, so we all gathered in a circle, drew a little bit of blood from our thumbs, let the blood drip into some crazy chalice that Matt already had on him for some reason, and then we threw a lit match into the chalice.  Turns out blood isn’t flammable, but after doing something like that, you know there’s a serious secret that needs to be kept.  We all agreed that Malena was the only person that could submit the “Wizard of Oz” idea without anyone getting too suspicious, since the rest of us are all incredibly dishonest.  Then we synced up Dark Side to the Wizard of Oz, turned off the lights, and took it all in.  We didn’t cheat and youtube it, either.  We used a VHS copy of Wizard of Oz.  VHS!!

McM: Well, I think Vince’s answer really sums it up the best. So, I would just refer to that. I was just used as bait to make people believe that we were really doing Wizard of Oz.

8. How often did you practice?

AM: ALL THE TIME. I loved it. I wish I were practicing Dark Side right now.

MM: alot. I don’t actually know how to play keyboards.

KA: I don’t remember, but we were all pretty dedicated. It was the kind of band that would need lots of practice in order to be worthwhile; worth anybodies while: us and the audience.

AR: As often as possible. There probably wasn’t a two hour block where we were all free that we didn’t practice.

VA: I can’t really remember this part so well.  Where I’m from, Orangevale, Dark Side of the Moon is just a part of you, so I’m pretty sure I just closed my eyes during practice and let my inner Orangevale come out.  I do remember that we always had to practice kind of quietly..  Didn’t get a single loud practice in before the show. Also, Joel & Jay almost walked in during our last practice, which was a few hours before the Halloween show started.  We were pretty sure they heard us and the secret was ruined.

9. Who did you tell your secret to?

AM: I told Katy. I should be kicked out of the band.

MM: I was working at a florist and it was the Valentine’s Day rush. I was delivering flowers and training a dude. In the van I asked him about himself and he was telling me about how he went to prison and now he’s on parole when “Comfortably Numb” came on the radio. I cut him off and said, “sorry dude, I gotta bump it.”   He then went on to talk about how the Wall was the greatest show he has ever seen. I told him I was in a Pink Floyd cover band and we became total bro’s for the rest of the day.

KA: No one.

AR: I’m bad with secrets, and I have to tell people, so I told everyone who I knew wouldn’t care. Waiters, bank clerks, my therapist… anyone.

VA: Ben & Michele, because I thought they weren’t going to be able to make it to the show.  Turns out they did make it to the show.  Also, some members of !!! were staying at U st and they heard us practicing a few times.  It was a hard lie to keep.  When people ask you what songs you’re doing from the Wizard of Oz soundtrack, and you don’t know of a single song from that soundtrack, what do you say?

McM: Ben and Michele. First and foremost cause I’m horrible at lying and secondly cause I thought they weren’t going. I even lied to Sonia for pete’s sake.

10. Who was the one audience member you couldn’t wait to play for?

AM: David goddamned Paul.

MM:    David Paul

KA: I didn’t really care about any one person. I was excited to see the general reaction of the crowd as they all slowly realize what’s really going on. I mean, doing Wizard of Oz is a terrible idea by itself.

AR: Danny Offer

VA: I was actually a little afraid before we played.  I was getting real anxious thinking people wouldn’t be into it.  Heather Conway seemed genuinely excited to see Malena do Wizard of Oz, so I just started to feel guilty for lying to her.  I saw her spirit get crushed once she realized what we were doing.  Hopefully she understands why I had to lie to her.  So, my answer is Heather Conway, I guess.

McM: Heather Conway. Like, Vince said already cause she seemed genuinely pleased that we were doing Wizard of Oz. I felt so horrible about lying to her.

11.  What do you love most about the Halloween show?

AM: Talking about it endlessly all year long.

MM:  Creating a bond with people who you are in band with. Playing music all the time and having it be the most important thing in the world. Costume shopping with your band. Pretty much everything.

KA: Honestly, making friends with people and playing music and getting into the details of why and why not certain things should and should not happen.

AR: Getting closer with people I care about while doing something creative.

VA:  Just getting deep into a band’s songs.  Constantly listening to the songs, playing along with them, walking around with your headphones on listening to the songs you’re going to play, watching stupid youtube clips of other people trying to play the songs, etc.  Also, band practice is super fun, even when you’re in a bad mood after spending the day in Davis.

12. What other Halloween show bands have you been in the past?

AM: INXS, Van Halen, Beat Happening, The Police, Led Zeppllin, Billy Idol, U2, Grateful Dead, Replacements, John Cougar Melloncamp, The Monkees, The Hobbit. E Street Band. I also played cowbell for one song in Creedence.

MM: Los Misfits, The Matt White Stripes, Hole, Devo, Peggy Lee, Breeders, Flaming Lips and the Ghostbusters Super Bowl Half Time Show.

KA: I’ve been in The Misfits, Hole, Devo, and I was also in Ghostbusters (not playing music though) and I played guitar for The Bodyguard.

VA: Joy Division, Talking Heads, the Stooges, the Clash, Rolling Stones,

ESG, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, U2,

Flaming Lips, and maybe a few others I can’t remember right now.  I need to see a list of past Halloween themes for this one.

13. What do you think next year’s theme should be?

AM: The Wall

MM: Wish Lists.

KA: I don’t know or care. I just want to do AC/DC and Kiss. I want to always be in the band everyone remembers and loves and will talk about for years; I want to always put on the best show in one way or another, and I think that AC/DC provides that, and I think Kiss –  when it happens – will be legendary.

AR: Fashion!

VA: Find a singer from craigslist.  You can do any band you want, just as long as the singer is a total stranger that responded to an ad you posted on craigslist.





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