Halloween Show: the Bodyguard


The Bodyguard was Jessica Brown, Karlos Ayala, Dylan Barnes, Vince Andreoni, Malena McFarland, Serene Lusano, Alec Roberts

1. Why did you choose the Bodyguard?

Alec Roberts: I was going to karaoke a lot and I wanted to be in a band with Jessica and she wanted to do the Bodyguard. I think that’s how it went.

Vince Andreoni: Alec kept asking me to do it, and I eventually gave in after listening to Chaka Khan’s version of I’m Every Woman a few times.

Malena McFarland: Jessica REALLY wanted to do it.

2. Describe the Halloween show in 3 words

AR: Spiked Orange Juice

VA:  Never on Halloween

McM: All night fun.

3. What’s your favorite song from the soundtrack?

AR: I Have Nothing. It’s a rattlesnake.

VA: I don’t really have one.  Sorry.  I do love Chaka Khan’s version of I’m Every Woman, though.

McM: I’m Every Woman

4. Was there a song you wished you could have played but you didn’t?

AR: We should have done Queen of the Night. We learned it, but dropped it for I Wanna Dance with Somebody.

VA: I wanted to play Queen of the Night.

McM: No, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” might have been the answer, but we played it anyway even though it wasn’t on the soundtrack. About a month into practicing (during a practice actually), we found out that Whitney Houston died and that’s when we added the extra song to the list. I still wonder what our neighbors must’ve been thinking when they heard us practicing a month before and after her death. I think I would’ve thought it was weird.

5. What other Halloween show band would you have loved to be in?

VA: Wizard of Oz

McM: Out of the bands that played that night? The good, the Bad, and the Ugly. That one surprised me and I thought they were really good. Also, Ghostbusters.

6. What other soundtrack that didn’t get picked would you have wanted to do?

VA: Wasn’t into the soundtrack theme.  Didn’t like the idea of doing songs from 3 or 4 different bands.  I like focusing on one band for the Halloween show.  I’m deep like that.

McM: Not sure, I had hard time with this theme.

7. How did you all come together for this band?

AR: Kind of slowly. People we not initially stoked on the Bodyguard. I was way in because I liked the idea of trying to recreate the arrangements and then jamming them out. I kept picturing the kinds of drummer who play with R&B stars on late night talk shows and they’re always showing off, but holding it down. I’m glad I got to meet Andy and that Karlos stuck with it.

VA: Alec and JB planned it all out during karaoke, I think.  Alec started texting me a lot about fat rhythm sections.  I was intrigued by the idea of being in a fat rhythm section.

McM: Jessica really wanted to do it and Alec was on board shortly after she suggested it to him. Took about a week but once Alec decided he wanted to do it he was pretty much the driving force in getting all the people who didn’t want to join to join. He’s persuasive like that. Vince was the second hardest sell on it with Karlos being the first. Seeing how Karlos is Jessica’s boyfriend, he pretty much had to do it. Everyone else was on board. I was just glad I was even asked to participate.

8. How often did you practice?

AR: Pretty often. We did sectionals because it was a lot of parts to work on. I know I was taking it way too seriously.

VA: Pretty often.  All of the songs, besides I Will Always Love You, were pretty hard to figure out.

McM: Not sure. Since pretty much all the people in Bodyguard were also in Pink Wiz. Seemed like a lot. Maybe twice a week and a little more frequently closer to show time. Like I said, I’m not really sure I might be combining the two bands.

9. How hard was it to be Whitney Houston with a cold?

AR: I was really nervous at first that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but i don’t know, adrenaline kicked in and I never looked back.

VA: Real easy.

McM: Seemed pretty shitty. Jessica literally couldn’t speak earlier in the day. She was a mute and sick as a dog. I’ve never seen her so out of it and I’m around her a whole lot, so that’s saying something. In the late afternoon her voice had returned somewhat and we tried doing a practice. We were pouring hot tea down her throat and hoping for the best. After, our little practice it was clear that Jessica, as sick as she was, was still a better singer than any of us on our best day. I kinda can’t believe she did it.

10. How much orange juice did you drink?  What was up with that?

AR: I only had one glass. If you watch the Bodyguard you’ll notice that orange juice is basically third billed after Whitney and Kevin. It’s obviously symbolism for something very important, but I honestly don’t know what.

VA: I drank too much orange juice.  I learned that night that I’m not very into orange juice.  It’s especially gross after you just finished

playing a song with a suit on and you’re totally sweaty.  You want something refreshing to drink, but instead you get this blast of acid and sugar.  I’m getting heartburn just thinking about it.

McM: None, that was up to the bodyguards in the band. In the movie Kevin Costner drinks a LOT of orange juice. Watch the movie,( or don’t, cause it’s terrible and really boring. Unless you’re eating pizza with all friends, drinking beer and talking through the whole thing I don’t recommend it) drinking orange juice is a “thing” Kevin Costner’s “thing” and they really tried to portray that in the movie. There was no subtlety about it.

11.  What do you love most about the Halloween show?

VA: Hangin’ out, practicing, and occasionally meeting new people.  I didn’t know Andy or Serene before the Bodyguard.

McM: Practicing for the show and hanging out with people I don’t usually hang out with.

12. What other Halloween show bands have you been in the past?

VA: Damn, I should just cut & paste from the other one I just did.  That’s what I’m doing: Joy Division, Talking Heads, the Stooges, the

Clash, Rolling Stones, ESG, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, U2, Flaming Lips, and maybe a few others I can’t remember right now.  I need to see a list of past Halloween themes for this one.

McM: Heart (back up singer, flute player), The Misfits (Danzig), Joan Jett (Joan Jett). Hmm, I guess that’s it. I feel like I’m leaving something out but oh well.

13. What do you think next year’s theme should be?

VA: Rainbow Coalition.  I want to do Wham so bad.

McM: I don’t know. I’ll have to get back to you on this one.



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