Rock The Light

Rock the Light

For many people, 1999 was year the music died. Somewhere between Nu Metal and Alternative Pop-rock, rock ‘n’ roll forgot how to have fun. 1999 was also the year Rock The Light was born.  With a mutual love of Punk Rock and Hard Rock, drummer Charles Albright and guitarist David Aslanian began their musical quest.

Since every quest needs guide and every band needs a self-centered ego-maniac holding a microphone, they recruited Allen Maxwell from the local liberal arts college. His overwhelming love of rock and an unfettered desire to be the most important person in the room was all it took to get him on board, that, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Needing a bass player, Rock The Light placed an ad at the local music shop: “Best rock band ever looking for bass player willing to redefine bass playing”. It just so happened at the local music college, a foreign exchange student, Dilon Von Shredsmore, saw the ad. Mistaking for a euro dance night he showed up at the audition. The rest is rock ‘n’ roll history… that has yet to be written.

Not soon after redefining the bass guitar as we know it, Dilon felt obligated to move to another instrument. This gave, Dark Lord-Justin Pine his chance to cast his black shadow over rock the light. His ominous presence shook the very core of The Light, causing them to kneel before his rhythmic presence. He just wanted a peanut butter sandwich, so everything turned out all right.

Now, with three full-length releases under their belt, the band has proven that rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have to sound like your parent’s mono bullshit, it can rock harder and play louder than anything those old timers came up with. Bask in the glow of Rock The Light.