Knock Knock

Knock Knock

Never has there been a band more loving, caring and devoted to each other than Knock Knock. From their tumultuous beginnings to their current, close-knit existence, the band redefines what it means to stay together.

Stirred from the ashes of Sacramento darlings Slumber Party, with Allen Campos on guitar, Allen Maxwell on bass and Nicola Miller on drums, they began their family together in 1999. Soon after, they welcomed Heather Conway to into the fold. Her rhythm guitar styling made the family complete.

Tragically, Knock Knock lost one of its founding members, Allen. One day, when the family was fixing their electric fence, he ended up on the outside, and never found his way back in. Grief stricken, the band struggled to keep the family together until Mike R Mike found his way to their compound. With some coxing, chanting and a bit of brainwashing, they convinced Mike that Knock Knock is where he belonged. They were right.

The band worked together, played together, had children together and built additions to their compound together until they fell under tragic times again with the disappearance of Nicola. The lack of her presence nearly brought the family down. It was only through the discovery of their deep love for Christine Shelley that they were able to overcome their insufferable pain.

Christine made her way to Knock Knock purely by accident. She was selling chocolate bars door-to-door to earn enough money to join her school band on a trip to Disneyland when she landed on the porch of the Knock Knock compound. Blinded by grief, Heather mistakenly thought Christine was their wayward drummer, returned to their ever-loving arms. Once the family discovered that it was not Nicola, they decided it was too late to turn back and Christine became the newest member of the family. The police are still looking for a certain high school band geek, last seen with a box of chocolates.

Rock The Light

Rock the Light

For many people, 1999 was year the music died. Somewhere between Nu Metal and Alternative Pop-rock, rock ‘n’ roll forgot how to have fun. 1999 was also the year Rock The Light was born.  With a mutual love of Punk Rock and Hard Rock, drummer Charles Albright and guitarist David Aslanian began their musical quest.

Since every quest needs guide and every band needs a self-centered ego-maniac holding a microphone, they recruited Allen Maxwell from the local liberal arts college. His overwhelming love of rock and an unfettered desire to be the most important person in the room was all it took to get him on board, that, and a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Needing a bass player, Rock The Light placed an ad at the local music shop: “Best rock band ever looking for bass player willing to redefine bass playing”. It just so happened at the local music college, a foreign exchange student, Dilon Von Shredsmore, saw the ad. Mistaking for a euro dance night he showed up at the audition. The rest is rock ‘n’ roll history… that has yet to be written.

Not soon after redefining the bass guitar as we know it, Dilon felt obligated to move to another instrument. This gave, Dark Lord-Justin Pine his chance to cast his black shadow over rock the light. His ominous presence shook the very core of The Light, causing them to kneel before his rhythmic presence. He just wanted a peanut butter sandwich, so everything turned out all right.

Now, with three full-length releases under their belt, the band has proven that rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t have to sound like your parent’s mono bullshit, it can rock harder and play louder than anything those old timers came up with. Bask in the glow of Rock The Light.

Sorry We Ruined Your Party


“The Frenchmen are a bit of an anomaly. Aside from not being all men or even from France, the band’s music would likely fit better with K Records than dream pop aficionados Clairecords. Nonetheless, the Sacramento band has its lo-fi indie pop down pat, recalling twee bands like Tiger Trap and Beat Happening. In fact, any of the brief, lighthearted songs on Sorry We Ruined Your Party could be mistaken as those bands. Full of jangly guitars and cymbal crashes, two-minute melodies like “Runaway” and “Crimes of Fashion” have the innocence of a party without the drugs. That may very well make the band come off as uncorrupted, but the quartet’s lyrics look at the downside of relationships, favoring songs about broken hearts and getting stood up rather than basking in the romance of holding hands. The vocals are sometimes a bit muddy as they get washed into the rawness, though that only adds to the sincerity.”  – All Music (dot) com


Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, Rock the Light, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the MegaCools, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright), Leon Levy (Baby Grand), Amy Paris (Crab Apples)

Wierd Dreams Are Crazy


“If only Roky Erikson were alive, instead of trapped in the River Styx of the Austin City Limits? I know, he’s alive but anyways, the guitar cables on this plump pumping 7″ are built of the same tensile overdrive of those old Elevators. Hell on the B-side, I kept hallucinating electric jug runs. The title track has the mighty Charles Albright, friendly firebrand o’ Sacramento (upper case or lower case) rock, chipping ice splinters and sharing vocals with drummer Christine Shelley and maybe bassist Ryan Sharpe too. The B-side, starts with Sharpe’s simple yet effective driving descending bass lines, and the vocals sound like Flowers and Powers are confounded. Something about “You Don’t Send Me No POWERS” kind of gave it an extra, drunk ear charge to me. On both tracks, lyrics are kept minimally simple but shouted to maximal mantra repetition. Implanting anthem style. At the end of side B, Albright’s guitar is bristling for more, the record just does not want to end.” – Thurston Hunger KFJC 89.7 FM


Christine Shelley (Knock Knock), Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, Rock the Light, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the Knightmares, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright)

The Summer We All Got Laid


“Then again, combining one’s influences can sometimes generate surprising results. The joint shoulders of Sonic Youth and AC/DC support Rock the Light, and all I can say about the band’s new seven-track CD, The Summer We All Got Laid, is thank you. This is an album that reminds the listener of what rock music can be: straightforward, full-blast and simply timeless. The notes I took while listening to the disc are blurry, but they seem to say, “This is the fucking rock band!” Simply put, this music rules. Grade: A.”  – Cristian Kiefer, Sacramento News & Review


Allen Maxwell (Knock Knock), Dillon L. (Personal & the Pizzas), David Aslanian (the Big D), Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, the MegaCools, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the Knightmares, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright)

Off the Record


“Charles Albright is not a serial killer–he’s a math professor at CSU Sacramento by day, and an awesome musician by night. Students love his mustache, but I love every one of the songs on this album. Get ready to dance wildly as you listen to the fast-paced garage rock-outs interspersed with mellower numbers (A4 and B6), the shoehaze of B4, the vocal harmonies (male and female) delivering simple yet profound lyrics: “Is it love? I can’t tell…it never works out anyway” (B2) Pure fun low-fi energy. Indulge often.” – KFJC 89.7


Joel Goulet (the Four Eyes), Candice Adams (Nacho Business, the Readymades, the Riff Randals, Sunshine Smile), Alec Roberts (the Feeling) & Charles Albright (the Readymades, RAD, Rock the Light, Sunshine Smile, the Frenchmen, the MegaCools, Milhouse USA/SMF, Charles Albright)

They Will Raise Your Child


Thanks to help and support from friends and fans alike, the newest release from Knock Knock is headed your way. Eleven songs of pure joy and sadness on beautiful vinyl will be hot of the presses, literally, within a matter of days.

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Giving Up Never Felt So Good


After five long years, Rock The Light has finally made another record and will be on record store shelves soon. This ten-song shred fest is well worth the wait. The final inserts are being printed at this very moment.

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