Rad/Croissants Split 7″

Rad Xants_7inch

RAD and CROISSANTS show two sides of Sacramento punk rock on their new split 7″ ep.

Thrash-veterans RAD attack with the fury of a honey badger denied snacks. Their Necros cum Black Flag implosion rips along, fronted by the vocal bite of Lory Gil, and Charles Albright’s killer wails. With one previous EP and three cassettes, this split is RAD’s first since their very well received 2013 LP Loud & Fast. Recorded by Ted Angel.

 If RAD is inspired by Los Angeles’ early 80s slam pit, CROISSANTS sounds like they’d rather be hanging out on Beach Blvd. The band throws pop pitches to heroes Red Cross and the Simpletones with razor guitars, fuzz, and beer-in-the-sun melodies. When the buzz wears off, a lazy anger builds. Adored in their hometown of Sac, the Croissants have found ears elsewhere through records on Asian Man and Hella Mad. Recorded by Chris Sabatoni and Ted Angel.

             - Scott Soriano

Pocket Whiskey & Purse Food: A Night Out with Nacho Business


I scheduled an interview with Nacho Business (Candice Adams, Heather Crocker and Alec Roberts) to talk about their newest 7” EP not knowing what questions to ask or where to even start.   Nacho Business has been around for a few years and they like to talk about themselves with the usual self-deprecating humor that you can find at their shows.  They’re funny, but mostly at their own expense.  We’ve done this interview once before, a year ago, but the notes are long lost and we’re starting from scratch.  Minutes before we’re to meet there’s a bit of confusion over when and where the interview will take place and I eventually find Alec in a local downtown bar, watching basketball.  We talk about his car, his job – and after almost 10 minutes – the angry bartender finally asks if I want a drink.  She’s either drunk or just doesn’t care to make eye contact.  We spot Heather through the window, but she’s motioning that she needs to finish her coffee. She ends up coming in, coffee cup in hand.  The bartender is not happy with us and can’t appreciate Heather’s commentary on the comings and goings of the bar.  Soon, Candice arrives and we move to a table in the back.  We order food and Candice pulls out a warm quesadilla she was storing in her purse.


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Matt K Goes Bananas

Wanna know what’s in the head of Matt K?  He was kind enough to answer our questions… his flexi “Matt K Goes Bananas” is out now.  Get yours at Scott Soriano’s Record Night or Time Tested Books.
1. How do you describe your drumming style?
Ringo Moon.
2. Do you think your style carries over into everything you do or does it change, depending on who you play with?
I guess my “style” gets twisted a bit depending on who i’m playing with, but there’s always gonna be some genuine spastic shit going on whatever’s being played, especially in the gin doctors, a band where we play only gin blossoms and spin doctors songs.  it’s the worst band i’ve ever been in.
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Loud & Fast


“It is easy to anticipate the sound of a punk, hardcore or metal record by reading its title (for the most part). Dangers‘ AngerBathory‘s Blood Fire DeathWormrot‘s Abuse. It’s rather convenient. Such is the case with female-fronted, Sacramento-based punk band RAD and their delectable cassette tape tentatively titled Loud & Fast.

Yeah. Guess what, fellas? It’s f**king loud, and it’s f**king fast. So f**k you.

Twenty songs in eleven minutes. Oh, hell yes! Two of the twenty songs pass the one-minute mark; eight of ‘em hardly pass the half-minute mark. You better believe this album is going to kick your ass! Like I mentioned earlier, this is a female-fronted punk band. That chick on the cover is Lory Gil and instead of employing furious screams reminiscent of bands likePunch or Glasses, she shouts frantically as if she were the head of some hardcore band from the eighties. The band is a punk/thrash crossover group which is why the album goes by quicker than taking a dump in a Taco Bell restroom. Despite it’s fast pace, each song has it’s own personality. “We’re RAD” is a brilliant intro to the album. A catchy riff, thumping drums, and a thick bass-line call for some serious head-bobbing. One can imagine a crowd of young kids circling around an empty space getting ready to mosh their pathetic hearts out of their hairless chests. Then “You’re a Dunzo” kicks in and all of the pent-up energy explodes onto the audience, erupting into one hell of an angry mosh pit where kids are dancing in cut-off jeans, dirty Vans shoes and Iron Lung band t-shirts. The band continues their speedy setlist with “This is Not a Final War” and “I’m an Adult” as kids start to fall on the ground before being pulled back into the action by some obese hardcore dude, already busting a sweat in the muggy atmosphere of the dank warehouse the band’s playing in.

Although the lyrical themes don’t go beyond subjects like skateboarding, moshing and other forms of stupid violence, there are some great, sometimes hilarious lyrical moments throughout the album. Lines like “Shove your butt-pills in your dick! Moshing is our medicine!” are memorable and chant-inducing. There are also miniature moments that I find are strokes of punk genius like the three-note solo that ends “This is Not a Final War” and the end of “Banned in Citrus Heights” where it’s just the sound of pounding drums and the band shouting “I got out from work today!”

RAD’s Loud & Fast feels like a thousand punches hitting you at a thousand miles per hour. Looking back at it now, I have played this album over ten times while writing this review (which isn’t very long to begin with). If you dig loud and fast music that you can’t scrobble on Last.fm, then get your hands on Loud & Fast as soon as you can. It’s rad.”

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We Will Raise Your Child

Knock Knock - We Will Raise Your Child

The story is this:

Side 1: Wild and blue is just a banger that introduces us as a band that makes hits, after that, a child is stolen and raised (We Will Raise). The child sings himself to sleep where upon his hair grows long and be becomes a rocker (When I Was a Child). Then, this guy named Mike fights the mysteries of the multi-verse. Finally, a baptism takes place in a creep river where the world won’t end and the parents (Who Stole Him) reflect upon when they were young and were rockers too. Thus ends side 1.

Side 2: Heaven sent is just a banger that shows we are a band who is here to make hits. The kid realizes that his parents are creeps and is chased by dogs after he is kicked out of his home and must make his way as an adolescent who just has to sing and dance. He is, after all, a rocker. He is adopted again and falls in lover with is stepsister. He joins a band called Knock Knock, which is not to be fucked with. Time passes. Finally, as an adult, he meets his stepsister at a bar where upon they reflect on their upbringing, decide to give the romance another go, so they end up doin’ it. Thus, the circle of life continues.

Giving Up Never Felt So Good

Rock The Light - Giving Up Never Felt So Good

By now, almost everyone is aware of the tumultuous rise to fame that Rock the Light have endured since releasing their second album over six years ago. The mushroom cloud of fame and fortune that arose with the detonation of their breakthrough record came with a heavy price. Addiction, anxiety, despair: a vicious freefall of self-destruction that, try as they might, would not remain latent beneath the shallow mirage of sex, money and drugs. And, when those unconquerable demons captured possession of their souls, Rock the Light was mercilessly thrust into the burning pit of the public eye. The most intimate details of their lives, devoured by a ravenous public, their most private hell showcased for all the world to see.

But now, Rock the Light has returned from the grave, louder and hungrier than ever. With a new addition to the band, Rock the Light has found the focus and moral center that was so tragically absent in recent times. In this new album, you will hear- no, you will experience- the renewed passion for life, sex and rock that is burning in the hearts of each member of this reborn tribe of pipers, this five-point Lazarus, risen from the dead and ready to rock. So, forget what you think you know about Rock the Light. The past is fucking prologue. – Mike Dub


Halloween Show: Ghostbusters


Ghostbusters closed out the night.  The band was comprised of Matthew Maxwell, Jay Baker, Alec Roberts, Amanda Cook, Gabe Nokes, Dylan Barnes, and Mike R Mike.  With special appearances by Karlos Ayala, Joel Goulet, Madeline Maxwell Sabatoni and Natalie Head.

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Halloween Show: The Hobbit

The Hobbit

The Hobbit was Joel Goulet, Noel Von Joo, Daven Hayes, Cody Scott, Allen Maxwell and Natalie Head.

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Halloween Show: the Bodyguard


The Bodyguard was Jessica Brown, Karlos Ayala, Dylan Barnes, Vince Andreoni, Malena McFarland, Serene Lusano, Alec Roberts

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Halloween Show: Velvet Goldmine


Velvet Goldmine was: Gabe Nokes, Amanda Cook, Whitney Kessel, Scott De Medeiros and Andy Tate.

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